Tuesday, 23 May 2017


Date: 23rd May 2017
Venue: Capitol Hotel
No of Pax: 25

MADLAB Training takes our the awesome new client University of Nottingham Malaysia Campus for an awesometime of team building. This is the time to be UNMC HERO!

Jeff with his usual energetic opening!
We love how everyone participate to learn on how to become a HERO for themselves, for their team and for UNMC

Time for Ice breakers
The best part of UNMC HERO is that we bring the participants to experience Lock Down where the team has to work together as one to overcome challenges and escape within 60 mins given.

Sorry team,you did not manage to escape!

Here's some awesome feedback from some of the participants:
Learn not to be shy anymore, new experience, contribute something to our company. Its good program - Raihana Ali

The good vibe and energy. Good job guys! Enjoyed it tremendously! - Victor Tiong

What I like best about the program is the Lock Down challenge. Everything is awesome - Rozaireen

Thank you awesome HEROES of UNMC! Each and everyone of you were simply fantastic and we had an awesome time together!

Sunday, 6 November 2016


Date: 5th - 6th November 2016
Venue: Paradise Valley, Broga
No of Pax: 32

MADLAB Training takes our wonderful client, JLT to the beautiful awesome and adventurous Paradise Valley, Broga. It's a 2 days 1 night team building where our participants learn what is takes to be a HERO for themselves, a HERO for the team and a HERO for JLT

Time to get to know each other
We kickstart JLT HERO with high energy of ice breaker to get to know each other and break the ice. And we have a superb energetic group of participants
Brainstorming Time
And time to design the team costume
We got the participants to form their HERO team and to design their costume. It was a great fun full of laughter and smiles all around.

One of the highlight of Paradise Valley is their fantastic outdoor facilities that is challenging and engaging.
Wall Climbing 
12 Feet Wall Climbing

Criss Cross like a Spiderman
Time to throw some rings
And we will end the outdoor team building with the fantastic flying fox

200m down the valley

JLT HERO is all about connecting with each other, supporting each other and showing appreciation to each other. 

Here's some awesome written feedback by some of the participants:
I would like to thank Jeff for sharing the West Jet and football video. I’m about to say when i watch West Jet video especially the last one, i really think of some quotes sounds ‘The real happiness in the world is to make others happy’. By the way Jeff, you are energetic! - Nur Adibah

Thank you Jeff & team, brilliant and excellent execution. Thank you for going to the length of making this event so memorable to personal degree for all employees. Thank you Kenny & Ester for your guidance and support - Steven Tan

Thank you JLT team for the wonderful commitment to each other and be HEROES for each other! 

Wednesday, 20 July 2016

Al Rahji Bank Presentation KnockOut

MAD Program: Al Rahji Bank Presentation KnockOut
Date: 20th - 21st July 2016
Venue: Al Rahji Bank HQ
No of Pax: 27

MADLAB Training heads to Al Rahji Bank to make a difference through our signature program - Presentation KnockOut where we spend 2 days with our wonderful presenters to sharpen their skills and deliver the knockout presentation, one that will WOW their audience.

MADLAB Training delivers 3 coaches for this training of which participants were divided into 3 groups. This is to help the MADLAB Training coaches to give their attention and coaching to individuals presenter, that's one of the core features of MADLAB Presentation KnockOut

Coach Lava, Andrew & Jeff
In this 2 days of Presentation KnockOut, all our presenter gave their best to push themselves to achieve breakthrough in the fear in presentation. Most were having severe fear in presentation but after 2 days, we have seen tremendous improvement on how they confidently step on stage to present

Jeff awesome teruja group
We had an awesome time with all of them and we are very pleased that we have make a difference for each and everyone of them! We see great potential in them, now it's the time to release the potential in Al Rahji Bank!

Thank you organiser for your trust in MADLAB Training
Here's some of the wonderful feedback from the participants after the presentation KnockOut training

How have you benefited from this programme?
Learn the skills & how to structure a good presentation - help to improve presentation skill and able to use it for daily work

Learn the weakness of myself in presentation - how to control the voice power, posture, voice variation, structure

Overcome fear feelings during presentation 

Yes, i know my weakness and comment from coach very helpful 

Good exposure and knowledge about presentation skill

Yes, can learn much how to improve on presentation 

Know your weakness and strength, improve your presentation skills and get coached from experience trainers and feedback from colleague 

I learn more tips and technique of presentation and it absolutely change me

Comments about the course leader & programme
Jeff, Lava & Andrew have done a very good job as a trainer

The course really open my eyes of the proper way of presentation. The facilitator is good and well verse with the topic of discussions

Very knowledgeable and encouraging

WOW & Excellent!

Course Leaders are definitely familiar with their work and there was good interaction between us and the course leaders. All of us were kept awake during the 2 days 

Interesting and meaningful to apply in work environment 

Young Energetic and motivating and really help us a lot to overcome the fear

Interesting, passion and energetic and able to bring attention to everyone

Thank you to all our wonderful participants for the superb feedback and we look forward to hear great and wonderful news about each and everyone of you in your journey to deliver knockout presentation!

Wednesday, 6 April 2016

Amway SEA Management Ultimate Team Challenge

MAD Program: Amway Ultimate Team Challenge
Date: 6th April 2016
Venue: The Laguna, Bali
No of Pax: 25

MADLAB Training with collaboration with Fabian Fidelis of ProActive Training takes the team across to the beautiful exotic Bali where we had the honour to conduct a full day of team building & Gen Y workshop with Amway South East Asia Management Team.

Awesome High 5 to everyone

We started off the with our usual energetic engaging time with the participants with a series of ice breakers to get to know each other and build friendship together.

Love how they send their kisses across
This half day team building - Ultimate Team Challenge is designed to push everyone in SEA to work together as ONE team regardless of which country they represent, after all they all from the same organisation

Brainstorming session on how we can be better as one!
Part of Ultimate Team Challenge is to build the Amway Appreciation Culture across the entire South East Asia and we kickstart it with them saying wonderful encouraging message to each other

What do you like most about me? Write it down
To further strengthen the appreciation culture, we got each of them an mysterious angel to take good care of them, to show them love and to care for them, that's the way to build the appreciation culture

Here's a little gift from the angel
Ultimate Team Challenge got the team to work together, to plan together and to achieve success together. We got to them really think out of the box too!

This is not the way to win this game team!

Here's some of the feedback from the participants
The content was delivered with fun and easy to dissect. Overall great - Rizal Arnex, Deputy GM Amway Indonesia

Informative, engaging, fun, well-paced, relevant & useful. Great training and excellent coaching - Prashant SathayeIT Director

The engaging activity, very innovative, interactive games. Jeff is great, lots of energy - Leni Olmedo, Amway Philippines

Great time and awesome team spirit. I values time to know better about SEA management team - EJ Shin, SEA Marketing Director

Truly bond everyone together through interactive activities. Facilitators did good homework about Amway. - Martin Liou, Amway SEA President

Wonderful feedback from everyone, they even show their appreciation to us with a thank you email from Amway SEA CFO. Here's the insert of her email to us:

"All the participants enjoyed the teambuilding and the Gen Y presentations . In fact I heard my colleague quoting the behavior of Gen Y based on what we heard that day in one of our business meetings , probably the first of many .

It was a fantastic and professional delivery . The messages were delivered clearly , it was fun ( we were fun too!)  and I want to say thank you on behalf of Martin and the whole Amway SEA team for your contribution to our meeting"

 Thank you so much Amway SEA for trusting us to make a difference together. Teamwork makes the Dream Work, now build the Dream of your Amway Business Owner

Wednesday, 20 January 2016

Sime Darby Presenting With Impact for CEP1

MAD Program: Presenting With Impact
Date: 20th January 2016
Venue: Sime Darby Learning Centre
No of Pax: 27

MADLAB Training with collaboration with our wonderful partner Leaderonomics kickstart another round of Core Executive Program 1 where we make a difference in 'Presenting With Impact'! It was an awesome time for us to have fun with passionate, fun and crazy batch of executives in Sime Darby!

Lava leading the session and yet can pose for photo!
The format that we used in Presenting With Impact is to break the big group to smaller group so that we can personally coach each and everyone of them.

This is my awesome group
We also drive competition within the group because we believe competition will always drive everyone to step up and speak out with power and passion

Good start to 2016 we use working hard to make a difference to different organisation! 

Wonderful partnership with Leaderonomics

Saturday, 9 January 2016

CTC Global - MY HERO

MAD Program: MY HERO - MY Highly Energetic Rockin' Organisation
Date: 9th January 2016
Venue: Royale Chulan Damansara Hotel
No of Pax: 52

Our 1st training of 2016 and it's MADLAB Training partnering with our sifu, Fabian Fidelis takes our wonderful field service engineers of CTC Global to Royale Chulan Damansara Hotel for a 1 day of team building, to build of HEROES for CTC Global.

We kickstart CTC Global MY HERO with of course photo taking of the participant being HEROES. Fantastic style in each of the photos

Gaya Mutu & Darth Vader
Hulk and his Pirate ladies!
CTC Global avenger team!
Next is to group everyone according to their hero groupings with lots of expression & laughters

We took them to discover about Mindset of a HERO and we got them to play a game of volleyball

Time to serve for the boys
MY HERO is designed to experience breakthrough for participant, for their team and for CTC Global. We got the team to experience this through our partnership with ESCAPE ROOM!

Here's some of the winner - those who can escape and of course those who tried their very best.

And of course it's group photo time

We ended CTC Global MY HERO with a great gesture of appreciation from the company to the real heroes of CTC Global

Well done CTC Global for your teamwork, your dedication and your commitment to each other to be HEROES of CTC Global! We had an awesome time with each and everyone of you!